Me and my girls...Maddy and Emma


Meet Amy

You may be wondering how I stumbled into this business? No, I haven't always had a passion for photography like others, actually quite the opposite. My mom always took pictures of me and my sisters, so I was in front of camera and not behind it. I don't even remember when I got my first camera...HS? College? Never in a million years did I ever think this was a path I would travel down, since 1996 I had been doing nothing but coaching HS and MS swimming and in Sept 2000 being a stay at home mom. All I ever wanted to do was coach and thankfully I have able to so for over 19 years. Christmas of 06, my husband bought me my first DSLR. He thought because I was creative, I could do some fun things with it. It was a great gift, but I really didn't pick it up until 10 months later when our Emma was born in October of 07. So I started playing around with the camera and taking pictures of Maddy and Emma, which then turned into taking pictures of my niece and nephew, then my cousin's kiddos, then friends started asking and in Fall of 08 I got a call from a friend and she asked if I could take some pics for her friend who's photographer bailed on them last minute again. So I said sure and went down to Ellis Park here in Danville and took some family pics for them. That's where it all started "officially" I guess. I just happened upon that cd of pictures and I popped it in my computer to look at them. BOY I was terrible! haha I found a few more cds of pictures from 08 and 09 and I seriously don't know why any of these people asked me to take their family pictures! Thank goodness over the last 8 years I have gotten better:) I gave up coaching swimming about 6 years ago because I didn't want to miss out on my girls' activities and photography became full time. I would often miss the glorious perfume of chlorine but never thought one day I would get the chance to go back to the pool, I got asked to come back “home” to Cascade in Sept 2017. I told Paul “Are you crazy with all I have going on!” but here are into season #2 of my second go around at coaching at Cascade. I don’t think I will ever be able to stay away from the pool for very long. Not sure how I am making it all work in life, but I’m trying! I just want to say to my friends that seem more like family that have stuck with me from the beginning, not sure what you saw in me, but THANK YOU from the bottom of heart for believing in me.

    A few fun and maybe not so well known fun facts about me...

  1. I gave my life to Jesus in April 2014 & got baptized on my 40th birthday

  2. One of my all time favorite movies is White Christmas and I get teary eyed every single time the General comes down the stairs in his uniform

  3. So my left front tooth has been chipped twice...once in 7th grade trying to swim in the Danville baby pool with my friend Amy Long & 2nd time was because of my good friend Tina McBride and I have never fixed the chip from Tina for some weird reason I can’t explain

  4. My dream car would be a 1980s Jeep Wagoneer

  5. I love to dress up for Halloween!

  6. Every wedding I shoot, I request the song Rump Shaker at the reception

  7. I listening to Barry Manilow, John Denver, Neil Diamond and Bing Crosby

  8. I am a sucker for sports movies

  9. I LOVE and sing very loudly to the HSM and Greatest Showman soundtracks

  10. I traveled to Scotland in 2017 to shoot a wedding at a castle in Highlands!